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‼️ If you've requested personalized monogramming, a proof will be sent to you via email. PLEASE check your inbox and spam folder!  

If no reply is received by the deadline stated on the email, we'll proceed accordingly. Refunds, exchanges or changes cannot be made after this time. 

Check spelling carefully & ensure your initials / monogram details are stated in the correct order. Mistakes cannot be rectified, changed or refunded.

All of the information on our FAQ section is part of these store terms. 

‼️ If you request more text characters than you have bought, Ie; Pay for 1-8 characters but ask for 12 characters OR paid for 1 design but requested 2 then we will contact you. If no reply is received by the deadline stated on the message, we will shorten your personalising if possible (eg; use first name only) OR refund your personalising and ship your item plain. If you paid for 1 and asked for 2 we may decide which one to use.  

-- Colored HTV Monogramming --

We use Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for all our colored personalizing. Siser is a world renowned brand that has been producing HTV for over 30 years and have extensively tested their products. We have also conducted our own extensive tests. 

The PU HTV we use is specifically designed for Leather and will withstand a lot of rough treatment! The personalizing process is completed by hand one by one, carefully, to ensure the transfer has adhered properly.

Do NOT pick at it. It’s possible to pick hard enough to lift the edges, this is the only way the HTV will come off and we will not be liable for this.

HTV will NOT work on:
Holographic Leathers


 -- No Color Laser Engraving Monogramming --

Laser engraving etches an image into the colored layer of the leather, to reveal the natural underside (center of the leather).

  • Engraving color & texture will be the natural underside of the leather surface.
  • Engraving visibility / depth may vary on an engraving image.
  • Engraving maybe faint on some colors and leather pieces.
  • The result might be mottled, blotched and inconsistent. 
  • Logo Engraving: The texture of the engraving (the underside of the leather surface) can be prominent enough to affect the end result of how the logo will look on the leather. Engraving process will not provide a clean evenly produced logo but it will be a permanent branding!

Laser Engraving will NOT work on:
Glitter leather
Holographic motif leather
Pencil Cases

No returns or exchanges are accepted for personalized items.

We do NOT emboss, stamp, print, write, draw, impress, carve or any other method of personalizing other than HTV and Laser Engraving. If you have questions about this please ask us. 



Add-on's are available to build your ideal planner, journal or organizer. Please contact us if you require special sizing or other custom requests.

Customizations include:

  • Special Sizing
  • Scallop Laced Spine
  • Different Spine Color
  • Expanding spine width for larger coils / Discs
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Change Hardware Color
  • Change Closure Styles- Magnet, Snap
  • Front or Back Pockets
  • Adding Wrist Straps
Payment via PayPal will be required if your order is submitted with requests in the notes. Orders will not be cancelled




Our genuine leather is hand dyed and may vary between dye lots. Different device screens also display colors differently.

We hand select the best pieces possible and while we do our best, natural leather is not always perfect. Rough patches, imperfect spots, imperfections from the dying process, creases and wrinkles are all reflection of the natural materials and is not considered damaged or faulty & will not be subject to refunds.

Gold, Silver, Metallics, Rose Gold etc are made with a foil overlay on stiff leather. Due to this they may look cracked, creased, shading in the dying, little holes in the surface, dents, scratches etc. This is not faulty or bad quality & will not be subject to refunds.

Learn more about genuine leather here: 


Our Faux leather 100% synthetic PU leather and therefore is also Vegan. Polyurethane is far less harmful for the environment than Polyvinylchloride (PVC) which is more commonly used in faux leather production.

PU leather is also free of natural imperfections found in genuine leather which results in a smoother and more “perfect” appearance.


PU leather colors will be stiffer than others but will soften over time. Gold and bronze may scratch.

Please see FAQ's for more info on our Faux Leather


This leather is 100% Faux Vegan Leather & due to the reflective material colors vary in different lights.

Holographic is a stiffer leather, though will soften, and will dent if left on or under heavy / sharp objects.

❗️Engraving does not work on Holographic motif leather.
❗️Colored Monogramming will not work on any Holographic Leather


There is no coating over the top of the glitter so:
a) It feels a little gritty, though not scratchy.
b) Glitter may shed for a period of time. This will lessen over some
c) Edges will crack / glitter will wear off (where folded) showing the white underside of the glitter material.
d) You need to be very careful with full glitter leather items (see point C). For this reason we recommend using glitter for accent colors like the inside pockets where it’s more protected.

❗️Engraving does not work on Glitter leather.
❗️Colored Monogramming DOES work!



If you're unhappy with your purchase you may return it return it for a full refund (less shipping). 

Items that have been made to order, incl left handed versions, or personalized in anyway cannot be returned. 

All items must be returned unused with 7 days of delivery, and include all bags, cards, stickers etc. Returned items are to be shipped with postal tracking. 

Claims for damaged goods must be made within 14 days of delivery. 

All shipping cost and international reimportation taxes & duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

Check personalizing spelling & monogram sequence carefully. Mistakes cannot be rectified, changed or refunded.

Discounted items, sale items, special offer sales, special custom made items are considered final & cannot be cancelled or returned.



- One promotional discount can be used per order.  
- Discount only on full priced items unless stated otherwise.  
- Special custom orders are excluded from discounts.  
- Sales & discounts only available while stocks last.  
- Discount is not applicable for delivery or tax charges.  
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