We design and create high quality & functional Planners, Journals, Ring Binder Organizers, Compendiums, PadFolios, Planner & Tote Bags, Leather Accessories and a range of recycled paper stationery products.

All our products are made entirely by hand with genuine love, passion and care at our own workshop located in the beautiful tropical island of Bali. 🏝

Cocoa Paper is made up of an incredible team of designers, tailors, supervisors, cutters, quality controllers, packers and production managers all of whom truly put their heart and soul into bring you the best quality handmade product. 

Our products are made in communities not in factories. 


Through our recycled paper program we encourage and train farmers to correctly prune their cocoa trees & then purchase the waste park. This not only incentivises farmers to prune (which is essential to increase production of cocoa) but also provides extra income to the cocoa farming family. It is usually the women in the farm who strip and sell the bark, the additional income most typically goes toward domestic needs.

Cocoa Paper is made by hand cleaning, preparing, chopping and missing the cocoa bark with with up to 40% recycled office paper and processed using a traditional paper making process without the use of any harsh chemicals. Our handmade paper really made entirely by hand! Once the paper is made it is turned into notebooks, jotter pads, gift cards, hang tags and more.

Cocoa Paper was established in 2009 to identify and develop economically viable business opportunities that can be adopted by people, and particularly women, in marginal communities to improve their livelihoods in a long term sustainable way. We continue that work today through the sale of our Leather and Paper goods and we thank you for your support.

- Kate & the entire Cocoa Paper Team ❤ 



Sembilan MAJU Jaya, formerly Community Solutions International, develops long term, sustainable business solutions that provide new or alternate livelihood opportunities for marginal communities around the world.


To identify and develop economically viable business opportunities that can be adopted by people, and particularly women, in marginal communities to improve their livelihoods in a long term sustainable way. These business solutions will typically add value to existing waste streams or develop new applications for the skills or sustainable natural resources available within the community. New products, processes and market mechanisms developed will seek to maximize the financial and social benefits to individuals and communities engaged in production and minimize any impact on the environment.

Community Solutions International was formally established as an Indonesian Foreign Investment Company in 2009 but the thoughts behind it were formulated some years before.

It all started in 2005 with a group of orphans in Makassar, South Sulawesi. These children faced a daily struggle to survive and an uncertain future, with little opportunity to receive an education much less health care or other basic necessities. Due to the support and generosity of friends and visitors we were able to get the school age children into school and help them establish some ongoing forms of support. It was following this experience that the concept of Community Solutions International was born.

Between 2005 - 2009, with the inspirational and financial support of long time friends of Indonesia, Frank and Susan, we developed and tested different ways to help people establish additional sustainable income earning streams, while having a positive impact on the environment. Having identified a number of key opportunities for communities in South Sulawesi and Bali, Community Solutions International was formed to turn a dream into reality.

Our legal entity PT. Sembilan Maju Jaya was established in January 2021 to allow us the flexibility to do more to help communities in Indonesia. 

Today, we continue to work with communities, industry stakeholders and supplier partners to produce a range of sustainable products for the consumer and corporate markets, in a way that provides alternative incomes to communities and has a positive effect on our environment.

We strongly encourage the participation of women in our community development programs and are an equal opportunity employer.