Purple Croc Embossed- Limited Edition!

$65.95 USD

Please CONTACT US with your order inquiry as this leather is extremely limited.

Our new croc-embossed leather is stunning, textural, sophisticated and elegant. Plan and organise your day with one of our new distinctive leathers and stand out from the crowd. 

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Q: What is embossed leather?
A:  Embossed leather is leather that has been stamped using heat and high pressure to create a pattern or design in the hide.

Q: Is the croc embossed leather genuine leather?
A:  Yes, this leather is made with genuine leather and is embossed with a crocodile pattern (it is not crocodile hide however). This leather is stiffer than our regular leather which makes it perfect for an embossed pattern. Faux croc is not available at this time. 

Q: Why are not all products available in the dropdown product list?
A:  Some of the leather pieces are VERY small and we cannot make some of our larger pieces. 

Q: Can croc leather have personalized engraving like my name or logo?
A: No. Our embossed or patterned leathers are not suitable for engraving. 

Q: Are there color variances or pattern variances in the croc leather? 
A: Yes there can be due to the handmade nature of our leather. All our leather is HAND dyed and HAND embossed. There may be color variances between leather pieces and the embossing depth and clarity may also vary. 

 Please see our "Announcement" page here for color updates and other important updates.

☆ Sales of limited edition items are final. Refunds and exchanges will not be permitted. 

 This listing is for a Purple Croc leather cover of your choosing. Planners, Accessories, notepads etc are NOT included are are for photographic purposes only. 

Please read our shop policies and check production times here before ordering.

 Engraving does not work on textured and embossed leather.