HEART Key Ring / Key Chain

$9.95 USD

Our gorgeous HEART Key Rings are perfect for your keys or as an accessory for your planner, handbag or tote bags.

Your Key Ring can be personalised with a silver alphabet letter charm of your choice. 


  • Size Approx: 7cm x 7.5cm / 2.7" x 2.95".
  • One Alphabet Letter Charm.
  • Silver Hardware.
  • Genuine or Faux Leather with sponge padding.

       This item is made to order. 

      ☆ Main picture color is Lemon.

      Please read our shop policies and check production times before ordering.

      Wholesale & Corporate Customers Welcome. Please email us.

      Accessories in photos are not included. Listing is for 1x KeyRing and 1x Alphabet Charm.

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      🌷 Our current production time is 3-4 weeks🔸This is our production teams first visit home to their families in 2 years due to the pandemic. We appreciate your support, patience and understanding. 🙏🏼


      Standard Production Times:

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      Cocoa Paper is based on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. All our products are handmade by a talented team at our workshops in Bali. 



      Most of our leather items can be personalized free of charge! We use a laser engraving technique that laser burns / cuts an image into the surface of leather.

      ‼️There is NO color for engraving. We don't use stamping, printing, paint filler or foil blocking. The laser color & texture will be the natural underside of the leather surface.

      ‼️ See our store policies for more info on our engraving & what to expect.

      Engraving should be stated in the traditional sequence:
      Initials: First, Middle, Last.
      Monogram: First, Last, Middle.

      Engraving on PU Leather:
      Engraving does NOT work on Glitter leather or Holographic Motif Leather.



      We use 100% Genuine Leather and 100% Vegan Faux Leather.

      Genuine Leather

      Our genuine leather is hand dyed and may vary between dye lots. Different device screens also display colors differently.

      We hand select the best pieces possible and while we do our best, natural leather is not always perfect. Rough patches, imperfect spots, imperfections from the dying process, creases and wrinkles are all reflection of the natural materials and is not considered damaged or faulty & will not be subject to refunds.

      Gold, Silver, Metallics, Rose Gold etc are made with a foil overlay on stiff leather. Due to this they may look cracked, creased, shading in the dying, little holes in the surface, dents, scratches etc. This is not faulty or bad quality & will not be subject to refunds.

      Please contact us BEFORE ordering if you need or want a specific color.

      About Genuine Leather:  http://www.wikihow.com/Identify-Genuine-Leather 

      Please see our T&C's for more information about our Genuine Leather. 


      Faux Leather: 

      Is Faux Leather Vegan? 
      Our Faux Leather is 100% synthetic PU leather and therefore is vegan. Not all Faux leather is vegan. 

      What is PU Leather? 
      Our faux leather products is made with 100% PU (Polyurethane) . PU leather is far less harmful for the environment than Polyvinylchloride (PVC) which is more commonly used in faux leather production. 

      Why choose PU Leather?
      Faux Vegan leather is made without the use of any animal product, it is leather-free. PU leather is also free of natural imperfections found in genuine leather which results in a smoother and more “perfect” appearance. For those who want an animal free, smooth flawless appearance, PU leather is for you! 

      Engraving on PU Leather: 
      The color of engraving will typically be consistent, unlike Genuine Leather that has natural variance. 
      Engraving does not work on Glitter Leather.

      Other PU Leather Info: 
      - Some PU leather colors might be initially stiff, but will soften.  
      - Gold and bronze may scratch.
      There is no coating over the top of the glitter so:

      1. a) It feels a little gritty, though not scratchy.
      2. b) Glitter may shed for a period of time. This will lessen over some use.
      3. c) edges will also crack when folded showing the white underside.

      Engraving does not work on Glitter leather.



      Our range of add-on's are available to build your ideal planner, journal or organizer. If you have an idea in mind, that is not listed, please contact us!


      Customizations include:
      ‣ Special Sizing
      ‣ Scallop Laced Spine
      ‣ Expanding spine width for larger coils / Discs
      ‣ Contrast Stitching
      ‣ Change Hardware Color
      ‣ Change Closure Styles
      ‣ Front or Back Pockets

      If you just submit your order with custom requests in the notes, you will be required to pay the extra charges. Orders will not be cancelled.



      Our leather items may be engraved with any suitable company logo or custom image. Please send us your logo / image BEFORE ordering so we can check to make sure its suitable.

      If your logo is suitable, we will require a high resolution copy of your logo or image. 

      Submitting Artwork: 
      Please send all graphics to info@cocoapaper.com along with your name, order number and contact details so we can contact you should we have any questions.

      Acceptable File Formats:
      Graphics, logo’s and text should be send to us in one (or more) of the following formats.

      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe Illustrator
      • EPS or PDF saved from the oiginal. 
      • JPEG file

      Please ensure all graphics are in high resolution (at least 200 pixels per inch) for optimum results. Low resolution graphics or PDF files may result in an undesired look. 



      Our team of artisans can, in most cases, customize our products to suit your needs and budget. Please send us a message with your requirements.. Please email us at info@cocoapaper.com with your request.



      Our materials and papers use only the finest materials and with great attention to detail are finished to the highest standard. Due to the manufacturing process, handmade papers may vary from sheet to sheet and more likely from batch to batch. Our products are handcrafted using various kinds of farm waste and sustainably produced and/or recycled materials. Minor variations that occur are a reflection of the natural variability in those materials and the process of creating them.

      Cocoa Paper Questions: 

      1. How does cocoa paper help cocoa farmers?

      Cocoa farmers benefit directly by receiving higher incomes from their cocoa farm as they sell the bark stripped from cocoa tree branches removed in the necessary pruning process. We also train cocoa farmers how to prune effectively to maximize production efficiency. For those farmers who had previously not pruned their trees diligently, the impact of being trained and motivated to prune their trees can be a very significant increase in farm income up to 40% due to cocoa productivity increases.

      2. How much are cocoa farmers paid for the bark used to make cocoa paper?

      Cocoa farmers receive Rp1200 (about USD13c) per kilogram of freshly harvested wet bark, which is equivalent to Rp2400 (about 26c) per kilogram dry. This is approximately 10% of the value of 1 kilogram of dried cocoa beans and more than the current premium being paid for fermented verses unfermented cocoa. This makes the sale of cocoa bark quite attractive to cocoa farmers but not so high that it would cause farmers to cut down their trees or prune excessively to produce more bark. 

      3. How much cocoa bark goes into cocoa paper?

      Cocoa paper typically contains 60% cocoa fiber and 40% recycled office paper waste. However the cocoa bark contains between 15%-20% fibre and this means that we need 3kg of fresh cocoa bark or 1.5kg of dried cocoa bark to produce 1kg of cocoa paper. 

      The waste non-fibre bark material produced in the process is composted and returned to the soil as it is quite high in important nutrients particularly Potassium and Phosphorous, which are required by the cocoa trees to produce the cocoa fruit.  

      4. What happens to the waste that you produce in the cocoa paper making process?

      As we strive to produce truly sustainable products that add value to existing waste streams or improve the utilization of materials or skills to improve the lives of people in developing communities, we pay very close attention to the way in which our products are produced and the waste streams from those processes. 

      The cocoa paper process avoids the use of harsh bleaches and chemicals to reduce the environmental impact and make the final waste processing more simple and effective. 

      Solid waste in all areas of the process from fibre extraction to the finished products are either recycled or composted. Liquid waste produced in the traditional paper making process are minimized by recycling and finally treated in living ponds to meet accepted standards prior to disposal.    

      5. Is cocoa paper safe for dogs?

      Cocoa paper is handmade using traditional paper making processes and not meant for consumption. While many cocoa and chocolate products contain theobromine, which can be of concern for dogs and other animals, the very small levels that may naturally occur in the cocoa bark will be largely removed in the paper making process. Any residual theorbromine in cocoa paper would therefore be extremely low and is unlikely to be of any concern unless quite a large amount were consumed. 

      If your dog has consumed any significant quantity of cocoa paper or displays any signs of distress after consuming cocoa paper it would be advisable to consult a veterinarian.

      6. How is handmade paper different from mill-made paper?

      Paper used in offices and homes is usually mill made from wood pulp obtained by cutting down trees and by adding heaving chemicals and dyes. Which are very harmful for our environment. In making handmade paper, there are no added chemicals and harmful dyes used. Our paper is made using natural cocoa tree bark and recycled white office paper. Using handmade paper saves our environment and helps the communities involved in our supply chain, paper making and stationery production. 




      ❀• Handmade PadFolio's, Compendiums, Binders, Planners and travellers notebooks for all your organizing needs.•❀•

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      Normal Production Times:

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        🌷 Orders placed before June 18 will have a 3-4 week production time. Our current production time is 3-4 weeks 🔸This is our production teams first visit home to their families in 2 years due to the pandemic. We appreciate your support, patience and understanding. 🙏🏼

        ❗️There is a typo in the color swatch. The first color chart (without the glitter leathers)  is GENUINE LEATHER not faux leather. We are in the process of updating our store. 

        ‼️ OUT OF STOCK:

        • NONE
        Orders for out of stock colors will go on hold until the color restocks. You are welcome to change colors at any time just let us know. Orders will not be cancelled.


        • Cream is a very light shade of brown and shades will vary. It is NOT off-white!
        • Pale Pink shades will vary.
        • Lemon is darker than some pictures.
        • Tan is a different shade than some pictures.
        There may be other color differences so pease contact if you want a specific color BEFORE ordering.

          Please contact us if you have any questions about colors before ordering.

          Shipping time is approximately 4 business days once your order has been shipped.